Areas of Excellence


Nursing Solutions strives everday to provide the very best for our clients. Many times the services we offer can allow even medically fragile clients to stay home for their care while surrounded by their family. That difference can provide for a better, more satisfying quality of life every single day.


Nursing Solutions for Providers


The Nursing Solutions clinical team delivers each of the following:

  • Assessment of the home environment, medication compliance, nutrition, and safety.

  • Provides treatment and education specific to your client’s needs resulting in reduced phone calls to your office.

  • Clinical updates are available for review anytime via our ContinuDoc Portal, a secure HIPAA compliant website for physicians and facilities enabling them to stay updated on the client’s status.

  • Increased client and family satisfaction & engagement in their healthcare plan.

  • Significant real-time data reporting

  • Increased clinical outcomes



Nursing Solutions for Clients & Caregivers


Nursing Solutions uses a team approach in managing  the client with the support of their families and caregivers.  As a team, we help clients, families and caregivers:

  • Better understand their diagnosis

  • Identify obstacles to change

  • Become motivated to actively manage their own health

  • Implement new lifestyle choices

  • Learn self-care skills

  • Become inspired to adhere to recommended treatment plans

  • Understand the importance of follow-up physician visits